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Tree of Life Signature Services


Tree of Life Healing and Weight Management is a Holistic Healing Center that envisions to promote natural healing through lifestyle modification and high quality treatments.


Pain Management



Hydrocolonics - Php3,000

Hydrotherapy technique geared to cleanse the colon by flushing the large intestines with natural warm-filtered water, taking out the toxins from the body during the process

Noah Ion Cell Cleanser - Php600

A foot detoxification machine that produces a constant supply of negative and positive ions, drawing out harmful toxins and heavy metals within the body

Ear Acupuncture -  Php600

Relieves stress and insomnia, promotes detoxification, and aids weight loss

Biozapper - Php500

A device that utilizes electric current to kill bacteria, parasites, and viruses present in the system

Infrared Sauna - Php800

Improves blood and oxygen circulation, promotes weight loss and detoxification

Body Acupuncture - Php1,000

An alternative therapy that involves inserting thin needles into targeted areas of the body to make patients feel comfortable and ease pain

Ultrasonic Physiotherapy - Php1,000

Ultrasound therapy treats various musculoskeletal issues including pain, tissue injury, and muscle spasms. The heating effect of the ultrasound heals muscle pain and reduces chronic inflammation, increasing blood flow and increasing production of collagen during tissue healing process

Red & Infrared Light
Therapy - Php1,000

This non-invasive treatment delivers low-energy red and near-infrared light waves to the body, targeting deeper tissues like nerves, muscles, tendons and bones, naturally reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. It also stimulates collagen production, which gives skin its structure, strength and elasticity

Carmen BEES - Php1,000

Body Energy Electromagnetic Synchronizer (BEES) detects and corrects electrical imbalances in the human body, boosting the immune system, while easing discomfort and ailments

Foot Reflex - Php250

Contains hundreds of points which apply pressure to connected acupressure points in the back, alleviating back pains and headaches

Body Acupuncture 
w/ Moxibustion - Php1,500

Form of heat therapy, burning dried mugwort leaves near the surface of the skin, heating up acupressure points to promote healing

Laser Therapy - Php1,000

Utilizing near infrared light therapy, this low level laser therapy reduces joint pain and alleviates arthritis. It speeds up wound and bone healing, while enhancing muscle gain, strength, and recovery. This laser also increase fat loss and reduces cellulite

TCM Healing Machine - Php1,000

A traditional Chinese health machine that balances the Yin and Yang of the body. Through heat emission, it alleviates painful parts of the body and accelerates blood circulation

CERAGEM Bed - Php500

CERAGEM is a treatment method that combines infrared heat and massage techniques, providing relief of muscle & joint pain and increasing blood circulation

Chair Massage - Php250

Takes the weight off the spine, relieving any tension in the head, neck, back, shoulder, and arms

Vital C IV Drip - Php1,800

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant proven effective in maintaining a healthy immune system. Vitamin C is administered via intravenous (IV) infusion to kill cancer cells naturally and boost the immune system

iTeraCare Stem Cell
Activator - Php1,500

Strengthens healthy cells and repairs, improving the immune system. It can penetrate the skin between 20 to 30 mm, thus reaching the bone marrow, clearing blocked blood vessels, thereby stimulating body detoxification

Glutathione IV - Php2,500

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system. Through IV injection, Glutathione is delivered into the bloodstream, where cells benefit from its detoxifying and protective properties

Collagen IV - Php2,500

Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity. Administered through IV injection, Collagen is delivered directly into the bloodstream, repairing the skin and leaving it with a more youthful glow

Juicing Demonstration and Nutritional
Counseling - Php3,500

Training on preparation of juices and education on proper diet

WAKi Machine - Php500

WAKi Multi Functional High Potential Therapeutic Equipment removes free radicals from the system and rejuvenates the cells of the body. It also promotes blood circulation, energizing the body


My bleeding stopped and my tumor

markers normalized in 10 days.

-Ms. Annabel Bonao, Colon Cancer


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